My name is Conny Lokanis and I am writing this blog to share some ideas, thoughts about cooking. When I retired about twenty years ago, I became interested in cooking. I attended various cooking demonstrations , took some cooking classes in Italy when I traveled and watched many cooking shows on TV. In the process I learned several techniques to enhance my cooking skills. For Christmas I received the Culinary Institute of America textbook. This gave me more information on how to prepare meals and speed up the overall cooking process. I learned to use mise en place, certain herbs and spices as well as how to make your own stocks for sauces. Also I had a class at my home from a chef who showed me how to use the different stocks to make sauces for beef, chicken, fish and pork dishes. So I’ve come a long way from my early days of cooking in the Army well before I retired.

So where to we go from here? My goal is to share recipes, talk a little about the equipment that might be needed and anything else of a culinary nature that might come up. Till next time.


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